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Inexpensive ways to decorate your lawn and garden

Finding the best prices

When you have decided what type of garden or lawn ornament that you're going to use to enhance your home, an inexpensive way to decorate and add to your garden décor is using a wholesale garden décor source. Local lawn and garden shops often run sales and specials but waiting for those times might impede the progress your trying to make. Online sites can often provide a fast and easy way to purchase lawn ornaments for not only your home, but may also be a great gift idea for someone you know having just purchased or built a new home.

Using garden décor to enhance your lawn and garden

Varieties of garden décor

Whatever the "look" you're trying to achieve, using decorative garden décor is a fun way to enhance your lawn and garden. Everything from garden peekers, those adorable and sometimes funny "heads on a pole" peeking from the top of your shrubbery to decorative rain guages and even "garden swingers" can be found either by visiting your local lawn and garden shop or even buying online. This is a fun way to bring color and enjoyment to your lawn or garden with minimal care and expense.

Using wind chimes to enhance your lawn and garden

Using wind chimes in your lawn and garden

A beautiful and relaxing addition to your home and garden decor is a set of wind chimes. Depending upon the sound that you're wanting to achieve, you might consider chimes made of metal, wood or other materials. Different material will obviously produce different sound. You can purchase a plethora of variations as well, anything from a simple and plain wind chime to an ornamental wind chime. Simply remember, when placing and hanging your wind chimes, to put them in a location that catches some wind current but not too much wind. Gusts and gales of wind will not only not produce good sound, but will also cause excessive wear and tear on your chimes.

What is a toad house?

Toad houses

What is a toad house you ask? For the gardener, a toad house can provide a little insurance against unwanted insects and pests, inviting toads to dwell in their garden and take care of these pesky plant eaters. Because toads are active during night hours they need a cool, dark place to dwell during the day. Encourage these little friends to inhabit your garden and it will not only add to your garden decor but you'll also find that your insect population will decrease!


Hanging Garden

If you are planning a terrace garden, and do not have too much space, wrought iron planters can be the answer. Hang these planters on the wall to hold small pots of bright coloured annuals or hanging greens. Alternate them wrought iron display shelves or wall brackets.

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