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How many types of wind chimes are there?

Going for uniqueness with wind chimes

When designing your garden wind chime collection try to think outside of the box. There are as many different kinds of wind chimes as there are gardens. The pinecone windchime is just one of many surprisingly simplistic ideas that just may fit your garden scheme. So shop till inspiration hits you. You may never know when the next breeze will bring a fresh new gardening idea jingling in.

What are wind sculptures?

How About Wind Sculptures

Relatively new on the gardening scene are wind sculptures. These innovative creations combine the twisting and turning of a gyroscope with the soothing sounds of a wind chime. Wind sculptures are designed to make noise unless combined with a more traditional wind chime. They are extremely interesting to look at gyrating in the wind. You'll find yourself mesmerized by their unorthodox but fluid movements.

How many glass wind chimes do I need?

The beauty of Glass Chimes

Glass chimes have an advantage over all other chimes because they can be dazzlingly colored. This in addition to their calming tinkling sounds make for a hypnotic mix weaving in the wind. With the enormous selection of glass decorations this type of wind chime is by far the easiest to design your garden with. Don't be afraid to indulge yourself with these glass chimes. But don't go overboard with too many brightly covered wind chimes that overpower your flowers and plants.

How do I hang my wind chime?

Wind Chime Hooks

Possibly the most overlooked aspect of gardening is the wind chime hook. Too many gardens are full of tremendous wind chimes that are hung by coat wire or string. All the beauty of the chime is sacrificed due to this lapse in judgment. For completely nominal prices wind chime hooks are available, often in the same color scheme as the chime itself. Some hooks are more fascinating than the wind chime itself. Do not forget the hook.

What are bamboo wind chimes?

What about bamboo wind chimes?

Imagine yourself in an ancient rain forest with the wind whistling through the bamboo thickets. As the wind rushes through the grove the bamboo stalks hit against each other creating the exact sound of your own personal bamboo wind chimes. Many early instruments were made out of bamboo because of the soothing sounds that came out of it. If you are looking for a calming effect in your garden check out bamboo wind chimes.

Do ceramic wind chimes tend to break?

Dispelling the Myth of Ceramic Wind Chime Breakability

Many gardeners have shied away from ceramic wind chimes out of fear that they would break easily. Why not, ceramic pots break pretty easily. Well, not so with these oven hardened wind chimes. Most can stand winds up to 25 30 MPH and are incredibly durable. Now you can have the beautiful designs that were once reserved only for ornate pottery in your home garden. Look into ceramic wind chimes for their unique sound and for some new design colors that you may not normally see in your garden.

Do I nee to tune my wind chimes?

Tuning My Wind Chimes

Make no mistake your wind chime is a musical instrument. However it is pretuned for life. The lengths are of pipe are precut and unless you take to them with a hacksaw you should be safe. However, take precautions during severe winds and take your wind chimes down. A few minor indentations can turn soothing background music into an annoying out of tune racket. Also, any low hanging chimes might want to be addressed while small children are present. Nothing spells magnet better than a low hanging wind chime and a curious child.

Can I pick out out tunes for my wind chimes?

Picking out tunes for my Wind Chimes

Picking out tunes to be played on your wind chimes is not possible. You can however pick out a myriad of themes. Gregorian Chant, Salsa, Blues etc. are all available. You can also pick between baritone, soprano or alto depending upon your tastes. Depending on wind conditions and currents any likelihood of hearing an actual song is almost impossible. Your best bet is to get a chime that is designed to imitate something that is random, like a mountain stream or a whistling pine.

What is a wind chime?

What is a Chime

Wind Chimes have their origin in the old church bells. These bells became tubular in the 1800's orchestra setting to get way from sounding like church bells. These orchestra chimes were struck by a rawhide covered mallet to get their chime. This striking action is taken over by air moving a fixed mallet in wind chimes. Of course this is the forerunner of the modern metal wind chimes. These chimes can mimic anything from the church bells of old to a soothing small stream. Depending on the size and design of your wind chime you can create any atmosphere you would like in your garden.

How many wind chimes do I need?

Too Many Places To Hang My Wind Chimes

It's easy to get carried away hanging your wind chimes. There are just too many places that seem to call for them. There are open spaces where a metal wind chime is just begging to be seen and bellow. There are hidden spots in trees where a small bamboo wind chime seems to be needed. Don't go wild, remember these all make sounds that only get magnified with a stiff wind. Too many orchestra players playing too many tunes. Less is more when it comes to wind chimes.

Will my metal wind chimes rust?

Metal Wind Chimes and Weathering

Some gardeners will deny themselves the distinct sound of metal wind chimes due to their history of rusting. Most metal wind chimes are treated electrostatically so rust is not an issue. Other metals such as brass or copper are designed to weather with grace. They acquire a greenish hue over the years that enhances their majesty. This tarnishing will not affect the sounds of their chimes

Can I adjust my wind chimes?

Adjusting Wind Sensitivity

Some wind chimes come equipped with adjustable or removable wind catchers that help you adjust sensitivity to the wind. As always the sound is determined by the material it's made of, so it's not possible to know exactly how it will sound to you until you get it home. If you have this option you'll have to "play it by ear" until you get your favorite tune. You can also make a daily adjustment depending on how windy it is. Be careful, no adjustment will make up for a blustery day. Install easily removable hooks to take your wind chimes down in heavy storms.

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