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How can I stepping stone pathway in my garden.

Making a Steppping Stone Pathway

You can make a beautiful pathway through your yard or garden using stepping stones. However don't fall into the trap of just plopping the stones down crating an uneven wobbly appearance that even a high wire artist will shy away from. Get yourself a gardening trowel, leveller,a bag of sand and be prepared to get on your hands and knees to eye ball the levelness of your path. First, lay your garden stones in the desired pattern and then surgically dig with your trowel around the perimeter of the first stone and place into the hole until the desired portion of the stone is showing. Fill in the hole with enough sand to make level and sturdy. Repeat this procedure for a secure and scenic walk through your garden.

How can I personlize my stepping stones?

Put your personality imprint on your garden with stepping stones

Your garden is your sanctuary, often the only place that is truly you. Why not write your personality and interests onto it. You can do this with welcome signs. This is the most intimate way to express yourself to nature and to anyone you allow to visit your garden. Just about any message can be written on a grden stone but by far the most popular is just, welcome. Don't be afraid to put not just a small piece of yourself but all of it into your garden. You'll find it's easier than you think and there's probably a garden stone already out there looking for a place in your garden.

How can I create a path of stepping stones in my garden?

Remember to accomadate guests with your stepping stone path.

The purpose of most paths is simple, to get from point A to Point B quickly. With a stepping stone path however the idea is to get to your destination as pleasingly as possible. Time in this instance is taken not wasted. Keeping this in mind design your garden stepping stones wide enough to accomadate two people. This will aid in your scenic narration of what you've planted this year. If possible plant some ground hugging bloomers along with some lax, floppy plants that will spill onto your path softening the walk. Keeping your visitors comfortable while walking your path will allow you to show off your garden longer.

What are different uses for my Garden Stepping Stones?

Don't Walk On My Stepping Stones.

One of the biggest misnomers in your garden is the stepping stone. Sure it has it's used as a beautifully designed pathway through your garden but is often used as a decorative plaque or stand alone sculpture, rather than as a utility for stepping. These garden stones can be used as a functional walkway but because of their intrinsic beauty many gardeners simply choose to use them as art itself. They can be hung on a trellis or propped up on a plant stand or table. You'll also find them adorning the entrance to many gardens welcoming you and giving just a hint of the gardener's personality.

How can I create a path of stepping stones in my garden?

The best stepping stone path is just a bit crooked.

The quickest point between two points is a straight line and this is exactly what not to do when planning your stepping stone path through your yard or garden. Put plenty of meanering curves that persuade any visitors to stop and admire your gardens beauty. Just don't go overboard with all those curves. Remember it's a path not a maze, put just enough curves to encourage lingering at your gardens prestige spots. Also plant some tall plants at these bends that obscure the final destination. This will give a small garden that expansive garden feel. Enjoy weaving your visitors in and out of your managerie with your stepping stones.

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