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How can I increase my flowers visibility with plant stands?

It's about the Plants

When push comes to shove and all the ancillary equipment is bought every gardener comes to one sobering conclusion. A garden is about the plants, stupid. Without chimes, bird baths, gazing balls, etc. you'd still have plants as "THE" focal point of any garden. So why don't we show them off with plant stands. These simple devices will allow you to showcase your plants by giving them increase visibility. Pick plant stands that will enhance the different aspects of all your plants and flowers.

When should I put my plants on individual plant stands?

Individual Plant Stands

An individual plant stand is affectionately called the showcase. Use this to elevate a favorite flowers in peak bloom. Don't be afraid to change which flowers or plants get the seats of honor. Every flower has it's bloom so it should have it's time on the plant stand of honor. By using a rotation system like this you'll garner a greater understanding of your plants cycles.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor plant stands?

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Plant Stands

All furniture is designed with one of two destinations, inside or outside. This holds especially true with plant stands. These showcases for your plants and flowers are designed to be seen along with your foliage so their official designation is very important. If you use an indoor shaby chic wood plant stand in an outdoor garden you will end up with shaby chic indeed. On the other hand many outdoor designed plant stands have that "too rugged" look for and indoor setting. Pay attention to where your plant stand was destined to be for happy plants both indoor and out.

When should I use a tiered plant stand?

Tiered Plant Stands

Think of a tiered plant stand as big bouquet of flowers that keeps on going. With this type of plant stand you are constantly able to experiment with different looks and interactions between flowering plants. If something doesn't look quite right just move it out. If one flower takes to much sunlight from another, shuffle them around. Or better yet get another plant stand and start another plant experiment. Have fun with your garden and learn all of the different interactions by employing these plant stands.

When should I group my plants on a plant stand?

Group Plant Stands

Grouping plants in one stand has a variety of benefits. The first of which is ease of watering. There is also an increased visual effect that is best utilized on balconies and landings. With a multi-tiered plant stand you can arrange and rearrange your plants according to their blooms or your mood. Grouping your plants in this manner is also best when only patches of light are available or space is at a premium.

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