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How did gnomes become so popular?

Popularity of gnomes

Although gnomes date back many centuries, it was largely a Dutch artist by the name of Rien Poortvliet, along with author Wil Huygen, that made these little gnome statues popular. In their 1977 classic titled Gnomes, Poortvliet and Huygen made popular the whole gnome culture and began the journey for many gnome lovers that has transcended into gardens all over the world.

What types of gnomes are there?

Types of gnomes

There are many types of lawn gnomes coming in many shapes, sizes and features. The traditional male gnome wears a pointed red hat, tan trousers and green shirt. Today, the yard gnome has taken on a life of its own and can resemble even famous persons, such as presidents or presidential candidates! Typically they're made from glass or ceramic material and will withstand outdoor weather very well if placed outside. Sometimes, people will even invite these little creatures into their home to decorate their fireplace or mantle. Most often, however, you will find these resin, plastic, ceramic or glass creatures guarding lawns and gardens all over the world.


Ownership or adoption

When one sets out to purchase ornamentation for their garden, it should be noted that should you wish to have a lawn gnome be part of your collection, coming to acquire one of these creatures traditionally means an adoption rather than a purchase. According to folk lore dating back many centuries, these little garden keepers were free spirits roaming the Earth to and fro - not for ownership, but adoption by humans. If you're looking for a plentiful harvest or needing luck with something else, adopting lawn gnomes might be the perfect addition to your collection.

Where did the garden gnome originate?

Origination of the garden gnome

The little garden gnomes that you see in many gardens actually originated in the Scandinavian heritage and it was believed that these little human-like creatures inhabited the earth to serve the purpose of caring for and protecting what or whom they were assigned to watch over. Garden gnomes are believed by some, the authentic care taker of the garden - and one might say sent to make the harvest more productive and watch over the critters and creatures that also inhabit the garden. For others, the gnome simply represents an ornamental feature, enhancing their garden with color and joviality.

Watching over your gnome

Gnome owners beware

Whatever the attraction, gnome owners should be cautious when placing their little statues in their garden.. Folk lore would say that these little creatures disappear because they become wrestless and begin to feel "closed in." However, more likely is the case that it has become a sport to "capture" and "liberate" these gnomes from ownership. Many have become the victim of "gnome-knapping" so keep careful eye over the little protector of your garden domain.

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