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Can I create a loving memorial with my garden statues?

Garden Statues as a Loving memorial

One of the most positvie aspects of gardening is the fact that it blooms every spring. With that in mind what better place to put a garden statue as a memorial to a loved one. The myriad of designs is as endless as the love for your departed friend. You can choose from a wide assortment of cherubs, children or even animals ranging from a rabbit to lions. There are even gnomes and gargoyles depending how your loved one wants to be remembered. As your flowers bloom around your garden statue you'll relish the serenity that your sculpture brings.

How can I make my garden statues last a lifetime?

Making your garden statues last a lifetime.

Just as your garden nears what you consider maturity you have to deal with the deterrioration of plant stands and the many garden statues that you have acquired over the years. Erosion, Pitting and cracking are the time aided enemies of the gardener. With copper statues you can alleviate this damage to at least one aspect of your garden. A copper statue turns the tables on rust by weathering itself in an intriuing greenish hue that only gains attractiveness with each passing year. Animal statues made of copper are a perfect fit near bird baths or even in garden ponds. Don't fight the weather, use it to your advantage.

Can I create a focal point in my garden with garden statues?

Create a focal point with your Garden Statue

Focal points in gardens are usually better if they are offset to one side ot the other. Sometimes this can be done with a variety of plants or a trellis but the best use focal point in any garden is the garden statue. This adds dramatic impact to any garden commanding respect and attention. An uninspiring hedge can be called to attention with an animal statue in the foreground. Placing adorning plants around the statue only enhances this effect.

What types of garden statues should I put in my garden?

Choose a favorite type of Garden Statue and Stick with it.

Most retailers will arrange their garden statue inventory into categories. They can range from religious, stone, bronze etc. Focus on something you enjoy whether it be mythical, birds, fish or even gargoyles. Say for instance you've decided on animal statues, now you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Small animal sculptures, especially birds work well with low foilage and vegetation. Copper sculptures work great near gates or as door stoppers.

How can I get a garden statue that will not rust or crack?

Fight weathering with Copper Garden Statues

Weathering damage is the one constant deterrent to installing any garden statue. Rain can pit and crack concrete statues and create rust on most metal statues. The best way to fight this plague is putting up a copper garden statue. With this type of garden statue you don't fight the weathering you make good use of it. As copper weathers it garners that attractive greenish tint that enhances a well developed garden. Cancel any fears about chipping and cracking also with this tough metal sculpture.

Are garden gnomes a welcome addition to my garden statue collection?

It's all about the gnomes

What's more inviting than a garden gnome. These simple unassuming garden statues have been inviting wayfarers in since the 18th century. Commonly referred to as Earth-Spirits these little guys are said to have healing powers for the plants they protect. Most often poised at the entry gates these jovial old men welcome all into the garden. However many genus of gnome have been rumored to exist. From water gnomes to winged gnomes these garden statues are ready to help with your garden, unobserved of course.

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