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How do I care for my garden bell chimes?

Caring for your Wooden Bell Chimes

Once you have made your garden bell chime purchase, caring for your chimes can be tedious, but will ensure that your chimes maintain the look that you desire. For hardwood parts of your garden bell chimes you can prevent natural weathering by applying a thin layer of Danish or lemon oil. Regular oil will retard the natural weathering process. Use a mild soap and water to clean any glass or aluminum parts of the chimes. It is best to avoid dampening the string or cord to prevent wear.

Where do I hang my garden bell?

Hanging Garden Bells

In order to create the most effective sound for your garden bell look for where the wind can catch the chime of the bell most frequently and affectively. You can hand your garden bell from a structure, a shepherd's hook staked in the garden, or even on a low limb of a nearby tree. If you hang it from a structure, just be sure to allow sufficient swing room for the bell and its chimes.

What type of garden bell should I purchase?

Purchasing garden bells

Many would argue that when purchasing a garden bell, bronze is the most prefered metal. Bronze resists erosion and decay and may well outlast any other type of metal bell, providing years of pleasure for its buyer. In fact, many artisans and craftsmen will use bronze exclusively for not only its appearance but also quality and durability.

How can I create nostalgia?

Creating nostalgia

Have you ever desired to recreate the feel of "the old homestead" from yesteryear? Farm bells can be a creative way to dress up your front porch or any other part of your home to make your homestead resemble the old farmstead. When purchasing your bell, look for authenticity and tone.

How can I enhance my garden?

Enhancing your garden

There are many ways to enhance your garden, including exotic flowers and shrubs as well as using decorative garden bells. The use of bells adds tranquility and creates a setting in which one can enjoy in getting away from the busy stress of everyday life. When deciding which type of bell to purchase, think first of the sound you enjoy most. Bell sounds can range from light and breezy to rich, deep sounds.

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