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Tell me about wooden birdhouses

Advantages of wood bird houses

Purchasing a wooden bird house has several advantages, such as initial cost and expense to maintain. One caution when using a wooden bird house is making sure that whatever your bird house is mounted to is not easily climbed by predators. This will reduce your chances of attracting whatever type of bird you're attempting to attract. Types of wood to look for are cypress, cedar or oak as they will provide durability over many years. Make sure that whatever type of wood you choose, you either paint or protect in that manner to retard the natural effect of weathering.

What are some benefits of putting up a backyard bird house?

Using a backyard birdhouse

A backyard bird house may be an enjoyable pasttime for you and your family to get aquainted with the birds native to your area. Oftentimes, backyard birds such as wrens and chickadees will provide hours of enjoyment as you study and become familiar with them. In addiiton to providing entertainment and study, bird houses can provide insect control as well, by their inhabitants. Another fun activity arising out of that backyard bird house may be nature photography. Oftentimes photos can not only be a nice way to journalize an event, but also share with other fellow bird lovers.

Will a decorative bird house attract birds?

Uses of decorative houses

Decorative bird houses can be a very attractive way to enhance your garden area and entertain your winged friends. There are numerous decorative bird houses that can serve in both capacities. Doing some investigation into what type of bird you'd like to attract and how to best meet its needs is important when considering placement of any type of bird house. Be sure to read up on the habitats, eating habits and migrational habits if any, of the bird you're attempting to entertain. This can be a great way for both of you to enjoy the bird house you choose.


Make your own Jack-o-lantern or bird house

Take a hardshell gourd. With a sharp knife, cut out the eyes and mouth for the jack-o-lantern. Cut out the entrance for the birdhouse. Leave the gourd to dry. When it is hard and dry, clean the inside. Apply Brown varnish on the outside. Finish it with a coat of polyurethane. This will make your bird house long lasting.

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