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What types of bird baths are available?

Types of bird baths

There are obviously many different types of bird baths that one can purchase to compliment a garden or lawn. When choosing the type of bird bath, assess what you desire to achieve with your bird bath. What type of bird are you attempting to attract, what weather conditions will your bird bath have to endure, are you going for a certain "look"...those types of questions will help you decide what type to purchase. Bird baths can be made from concrete, bronze or other metals. For instance, the sleek look of a copper bird bath might be an attractive addition for not only you, the gardener, but the birds as well. Copper bird baths are also one of the more durable types and will provide enjoyment for your garden for many years.

What are the advantages of using a bird bath fountain?

Making use of bird bath fountains

Bird bath fountains can supply an enjoyable and almost magnetic addition to your garden, attracting your winged friends with the fresh supply of water to drink and bathe in. Bird bath fountains also often encourage birds to nest, knowing that there is an endless supply of water. This type of bird bath includes a built-in pump that runs at a nominal cost, effectively recirculating the same water. Bird bath fountains are generally easy to install and provide a peaceful and tranquil sound for the gardener as well as the birds.


Hypertufa in the garden

Hypertufa is a synthetic substitute for tufa rock - a spongy cellular rock
found in limestone country. It is hollowed out to make planters and tubs.
because of its versatile nature, its much favourded in the garden to make
birdbath, steps , benches, paving stones etc.
Hyper tufa is made of cement, sand and peat moss.
The process is very simple and containers can be made easily and cheaply.
they are an attractive , natural alternative for expensive tubs and pots.
Hypertufa is porous, so are preferrable to plastic or terracotta containers.
The walls of the container acts as a reservoir for water and allows the roots
to breath.
So switch your bulky stone trough for the light and versatile hypertufa.

Why are bird baths important?

Caring for birds

Providing a water source, such as a bird bath is increasingly important when the natural water sources begin to freeze. This can be done for your winged friends easily by adding a bird bath to your yard or garden, providing them a source for fresh water. You can purchase bird baths from your local garden store or there are online sources for bird baths as well.

Can I use a heated bird bath?

Heating your bird bath

If you live in a climate where the temperatures drop below freezing, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a heated bird bath to ensure a constant supply of water for birds living in your area. Using a heated bird bath is relatively inexpensive and can be placed strategically so that solar heat may be used in conjunction with the heater as well. One hint - do not add glycerin, as this causes a coating on the feathers of the bird and they're unable to "fluff" their feathers to stay warm.

How does a solar bird bath work?

Using solar heat

Many people opt for using the warmth of the sun to heat their bird bath or a specially designed solar bird bath. There are several types of solar bird baths which may contain a circulating fountain to keep water from freezing during below-freezing temperatures or even a cover that is placed on the top of the bird bath, containing a small hole to maintain access for the bird. Most solar bird baths contain a solar panel to allow the sun's light to power a fountain or circulating device and need no wiring, just simple set up and enjoy!

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