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How expensive are outdoor fountains to operate?

Costs associated with fountains

Outdoor fountains can be an inexpensive way to enhance your garden, providing a relaxation effect and asthetic pleasure. Generally, outdoor fountains contain a pump that recirculates the water, thus seldom needing additional water. Some fountains even contain solar panels providing the energy source for the pump.

What are some advantages of fountains?

Advantages of garden fountains

An attractive addition to your garden that will provide relaxation and enjoyment is a garden fountain. Fountains can come in many different shapes and sizes, depending upon your needs and the size of your garden. They also serve different functions such as ornamentation, watering for your garden, attracting wildlife, and general asthetic pleasure. This can be an inexpensive addition to your garden lasting many seasons.

What type of fountain should I get

Types of fountains

When considering a fountain for your garden, consider things such as who will have access to it. Small children and pets may look at your new fountain as an open invitation to swim or drink from. Walled fountains will provided some protection against unwanted visitors and help to maintain the integrity of your fountain. Consider too, the material from which the fountain is constructed in conjunction with the general weather it will have to endure. The pleasant sound of the fountain will provide tranquility and peace for your garden.

How do I care for my copper fountain?

Copper fountains

Caring for copper fountains can include treating not only the copper, but the water as well. Using distilled water can cut down on the hard water deposits found in tap water. Also, using a water treatment or conditioner to cut down on the growth of algae will help to condition the water in your garden fountain. This will cut down on any odors as well and help to preserve the beauty of your investment.

What is a barrel fountain?

Barrel fountains

A unique way to enhance your garden and achieve a look of nostalgia is a barrel fountain. This is a great way to recycle as well! Barrel fountains come in different depths and can be used for many types things in addition to the fountain, such as planting or even adding fish to. Oftentimes this type of garden fountain will include an old fashioned pump with handle to authenticate that rustic look for your garden or front porch even.

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