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How do I attract humming birds to my feeder?

Attracting humming birds

Many times people become frustrated because it seems that ants and other insects are more attracted to your humming bird feeder than the humming birds. Some suggestions in increase your humming bird population would be to make sure that you're mixing the nectar according to the manufacturer's directions. Also, keeping your feeder in the shade will keep your nectar from fermentation. Make sure your bird feeder is clean and near plants and flowers that attract humming birds. You could also even try tying a bright ribbon onto your feeder to make it more attractive to the humming birds. This might increase attraction to your bird feeder.

How do I choose the type of bird feeder?

How to choose the type of bird feeder

When choosing a bird feeder for your garden, consider the type of element that your feeder will be in, for example, weather conditions. That should help you with the construction type. Then think about what type of bird that you're trying to attract with the feeder. Some birds are more fussy with regard to types of feed placed in the feeder as well as the location and availability of your feeder. Another important factor in choosing a feeder will be the location you want to place it in. If it will be subject to water (i.e. rain or snow) you should consider either placing it in a dry area or choosing a design that will help to keep the seed placed in the feeder dry for your winged friends.

What advantages are there for buying a window bird feeder?

Advantage of window feeders

One consideration in choosing a bird feeder is to look at the location in which it will be placed. Oftentimes, you can eliminate mess and hassle simply by placement of your feeder. Window bird feeders are one example of being smart about keeping the seed dry for the birds. Using a window bird feeder will also provide for the best viewing of the birds you're attracting and can become a fascinating hobby.

How can I attract owls?

Attracting owls

One fascinating bird to watch is the owl. Depending upon where you live, you may have the opportunity to attract one of these unusual birds. One interesting fact about owls is that they prefer using a "pre-owned" home. Owls prefer bird houses abandoned by other birds which may be located either near a barn, tree or even church steeple. When deciding where to affix your bird house to attrach this type of bird, try moving it to a sturdy tree, about 15-foot up the tree trunk.

How do I keep the seed from being scattered everywhere?

Keeping the area clean

One frustration that new "bird watchers" experience is having bird seed scattered by using a wild bird feeder. One reason that birds tend to scatter the seed is because every bird has its preference as to what it likes to eat. Oftentimes the bird becomes just like the finicky child at dinner time, picking through the morsels that most attract it! One suggestion, if you're currently using a mixed seed, try using a specific type, such as a sunflower seed in your bird feeder. You might be pleased with the results.

When should I hang my humming bird feeder?

When to hang feeder

Depending upon the area in which you live, humming bird feeders may be left up year round. Despite the old wive's tale, keeping a feeder up does not interfere with the humming bird migration. If you live in an area that experiences definite season changes, you can leave your bird feeder up until the first frost or simply wait several weeks after the last humming bird sighting. Then, when the temperature begins to rise again, replace your bird feeder to attract the migrating birds back to your garden.

Where is the best place to put my bird house?

Placing bird houses

If you've placed a bird house and are not getting any traffic to it, here are some tips on where to locate your bird house. Houses affixed to a metal pole are less susceptible to predators, which might be one fear your winged friends may have. Another suggestion is not putting the bird house near any bird feeders. Also, if temperatures tend to soar in the summertime, you might try facing the entrace to your bird house to the north or east to avoid overheating the bird house.

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