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Using plants in your Halloween yard

Using plants in your Halloween design

Oftentimes, people discount the use of plants when designing their Halloween yard. When using plants to enhance your Halloween ornaments, think about plants and flowers that thrive in the fall temperatures and weather. Colorful perennials and annuals can provide an attractive splash of color to go along with your scarecrows or goblins. Marigolds can provide a beautiful array of golds, oranges and yellows for your Halloween display. Chrysanthemums, ornamental kales, flowering cabbages and dusty miller may also provide that extra color for decorating your Halloween yard.

Decorating for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween

Seasonal decorating can be a fun pasttime for young and old alike. There are many things one can do to decorate home and lawn for Halloween, for example. Glass Halloween ornaments can be a fun way to spruce up an early Christmas tree even. There are many variations of Halloween ornaments, whether your look is "horror" or whether you're going for the cute and cuddly "Casper" look. Local shops can provide an array of Halloween ornaments. There are also online sources that can ease your decoration shopping. When purchasing ornaments, be sure to have a plan for storage so that you can reuse them year after year.

Decorating ideas for Halloween

Ideas for Halloween decorating

Decorating for the Halloween and fall season can include many different items. Plants and shrubs can be fun ways to use color with any display. Glass and metal Halloween ornaments can also be a fun way to spruce up the inside and outside of your home and garden. Pumpkins are obviously another way to make a simple yet beautiful natural statement inside or out. Ideas like placing a pumpking on each stair of an outside staircase or atop the eve of a roof, or even along the tops of fenceposts can easily and inexpensively decorate your Halloween yard.

Designing your Halloween Yard

Designing your yard for Halloween

Using a focal point for the "center" of your Halloween decorations is always a good idea to make your design "flow". In order to create the ultimate Halloween yard, inflatables can be a great focal point. There are also metal Halloween ornaments as well as plastic Halloween ornaments to enhance your vision. Decide first what your center point should be and then try to build a "theme" around that, using things such as hay bales, scarecrows, plastic fall leaves and other Halloween ornaments. Many of these items can be purchased at your local lawn and garden shop or online.

Decorating for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween

Halloween brings about images of not only ghosts and goblins, but fall harvest as well. There are many Halloween yard ornaments to choose from in today's market, making it fun and easy to have a yard complete with anything from the scary to the sublime. Ideas such as placing a scarecrow with bales of hay, to corn stalks, to metal and plastic lawn ornaments will provide a fun fall display and thrill trick-or-treaters at the same time.

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