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Can I use a mobile as a suncatcher?

Using suncatchers as a Mobile

An interesting use of sucatchers is in a mobile. These hanging abstract pieces of art are whimsical and kinetic. They are designed with vibrant color balance that will sparkle in the sunlight. Suggested hanging spots are in the crook of a tree where color is lacking or right out in the open. This type of suncatcher has a magnetic effect on youngsters as well as seasoned citizens.

Where can I put my suncatchers?

Where Can I Use My Suncatchers?

Suncatchers are most typically used as a decorative piece filtering light through a window. That purpose has been served admirably through the years and has blossomed into much more. Many suncatchers are proudly displayed in plant stands or even framed on walls in homes. They can often give a narrative of different plants as you plod your way along a stepping stone path in a garden. For a bit more fun put your suncatcher on a mirror for a 3D effect.

What kind of sucatchers do I need?

Why stained glass suncatchers?

Suncatchers are probably the easiest thing in your garden to make with a simple afternoon of craft time. All you need is some crayons, wax paper, ribbon and a simple frame. In no time at all you have a simple personlized decoration. I don't want to badmouth anything that comes from the heart but these little trinkets will not stand up to the elements in your garden or the sun coming through your window. It is best to shop until you find some stained glass suncatchers that will accentuate your plants and not loose their luster or color.

How can I buy sucatcher works of art?

Buying a Suncatcher Work of Art

With so many suncatchers out there how do you choose a pattern from a work of art? Why do you need to know the difference and does it matter? The answer is a matter of choice. If you sincerely want a work of art there are many out there that take tremednous pride in their craftsmanship and the individuality of their work. You can tell them apart by the signatures on their work. It is usually diamond bitted where a pinting would be signed. For the rest of us, I suggest buying suncatchers by going online.

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