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How should I care for my gazing globe?

Gazing garden globes

Maintaining your gazing globe can be very easy with simple precautions. Even though most winter snow and precipitation will not harm your gazing globe, wind or wind storms can obviously knock the ball from it's stand. When choosing a gazing ball, be sure to look for a seal on the bottom of the globe. This denotes the glass having properly been blown to protect the color inside. This will ensure lasting enjoyment for your garden.

What type of stand should I purchase?

Chosing a gazing ball stand

There are several types of gazing ball stands. Stands can be made of concrete, wood, iron or other metals. When choosing the type of stand, consider the "look" you're wanting your garden to portray. Some gazing ball stands might even include a bird bath or space to plant as well. Consider also, the weather elements that the stand will have to endure to ensure a lasting investment in your garden.

What do the various colors stand for?

Colors for gazing balls

When looking to purchase a gazing ball it might be fun to look at various colors and their meanings. In early times, it was thought that not only did the gazing ball contain special power, but so did the color. Ruby red gazing balls were thought to prserve love and faith; green provided abudant harvest and blue prevented war. These gazing balls were even given as wedding gifts to wish the couple a prosperous new home.

Where can I find wholesale gazing balls or other garden accessories?

Wholesale gazing ball

Finding wholesale gazing balls can be as easy surfing the net. While local garden stores are a good source as well, wholesale sources can provide an inexpensive alternative to retail. Discount sites sell other garden accessories as well as this attractive addition to any garden or lawn.

What are gazing balls?

Using gazing balls

Gazing balls are one of the oldest and newest fads in garden accessories. In fact, the tradition of blowing glass into a ball and using it to enhance one's garden dates back to Venice, 1300 AD. The glass balls were even thought of as signs of fertility and protection over the garden and the inhabitants of the home. In today's garden, the glass gazing ball, at the very least, adds color and enhances the design and look of the garden.

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