Designing your Christmas lawn decorations

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How do I design a christmas lawn disply?

Designing your Christmas lawn decorations

No matter what religion, creed or just plain good old holiday spirit more people every year are putting up Holiday lawn decorations. With Christmas lawn decorations the story of Jesus's birth is told but there are other themes that can be put on your lawn. When decorating your lawn pick one them and stay with it. Whether it be the Grinch, Santa Claus or the traditional Nativity Scene, stick with the general idea with all holiday lawn decorations. By doing this you will avoid that cluttered look.



7/17/2007 2:39:59 PM
Margaret said:

This has got to be the best idea I have seen in years! Nothing bothers me more then to see a beautiful nativity sceen cluttered with Santa and his reindeer, or a Beautiful winter sceen that has more then it's share of Santa and his elves. It doesn't bother me , which idea is used but stick to one theme and avoid the clutter. You will sure make a difference and in exchange have the prettiest yard on the street


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