Escencias Florales Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure my electrical Christmas lawn decorations are safe?

How do I design a christmas lawn disply?

How can I save time on my Christmas Lawn Decorations?

How can I tell a story with my Christmas Lawn Decorations?

How do I store my Christmas Lawn Decorations?

How can I get help with my Christmas Laawn Decorations?

Can I create a focal point in my garden with garden statues?

Can I create a loving memorial with my garden statues?

How can I get a garden statue that will not rust or crack?

What types of garden statues should I put in my garden?

How can I make my garden statues last a lifetime?

Are garden gnomes a welcome addition to my garden statue collection?

How can I stepping stone pathway in my garden.

What are different uses for my Garden Stepping Stones?

How can I personlize my stepping stones?

How can I create a path of stepping stones in my garden?

What kind of sucatchers do I need?

Where can I put my suncatchers?

How can I buy sucatcher works of art?

Can I use a mobile as a suncatcher?

How can I buy an accurate sundial?

How can I tell time with my Sundial?

Do I need a pedestal with my sundial?

Why put a sundial as the centerpiece of my garden

How is an armillary different from a sundial?

Do I use my sundial as a centerpiece?

Do I need to read a book on how to install a keep up on my sudial?

What is a wind chime?

What are bamboo wind chimes?

How many glass wind chimes do I need?

Do ceramic wind chimes tend to break?

How do I hang my wind chime?

How many wind chimes do I need?

Will my metal wind chimes rust?

Do I nee to tune my wind chimes?

Can I pick out out tunes for my wind chimes?

What are wind sculptures?

Can I adjust my wind chimes?

How many types of wind chimes are there?

When should I group my plants on a plant stand?

When should I put my plants on individual plant stands?

Can I collect the water from my rain chain?

How do you install rain chains?

How can I increase my flowers visibility with plant stands?

When should I use a tiered plant stand?

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor plant stands?

What is a rain chain?

How can I enhance my garden?

How can I create nostalgia?

What type of garden bell should I purchase?

How do I care for my garden bell chimes?

Where do I hang my garden bell?

Why are bird baths important?

Can I use a heated bird bath?

How does a solar bird bath work?

What are the advantages of using a bird bath fountain?

What types of bird baths are available?

How do I choose the type of bird feeder?

What advantages are there for buying a window bird feeder?

How do I keep the seed from being scattered everywhere?

How do I attract humming birds to my feeder?

When should I hang my humming bird feeder?

How can I attract owls?

Where is the best place to put my bird house?

Will a decorative bird house attract birds?

What are some benefits of putting up a backyard bird house?

Tell me about wooden birdhouses

What are some advantages of fountains?

How expensive are outdoor fountains to operate?

What type of fountain should I get

How do I care for my copper fountain?

What is a barrel fountain?

What are gazing balls?

What type of stand should I purchase?

How should I care for my gazing globe?

What do the various colors stand for?

Where can I find wholesale gazing balls or other garden accessories?

Where did the garden gnome originate?

Watching over your gnome

What types of gnomes are there?

How did gnomes become so popular?

What is a toad house?

Using garden décor to enhance your lawn and garden

Using sundials to enhance your lawn and garden

Using wind chimes to enhance your lawn and garden

Inexpensive ways to decorate your lawn and garden

Decorating for Halloween

Designing your Halloween Yard

Using plants in your Halloween yard

Decorating ideas for Halloween

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