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How do you install rain chains?

Rain Chain Installation

Rain chains are traditionally used in the U.S. as an ornamental display but they can be used as a functional water flow system. The installation is generally very simple, just replace the existing downspout with your new rain chain and let the water flow through the links. usually all that's involved is a simple clip onto the existing gutter. You may want to add an ornamental catching bowl to catch the rainwater for use in watering your plants later.

Can I collect the water from my rain chain?

Rain Chain Catch basin

Always remember that a rain chain can serve a function and that is the collection of rainwater. To do this you will need a catch basin. A brass rain chain or a copper rain chain can be used in tandem with metal catch basin of the same material. A ceramic rain chain can slow the water into bed of pebbles or limestone basin. The idea of watching a wonderful water display when it rains is enhanced when you can reuse the water to nourish your plants.

What is a rain chain?

An Open Waterflow System

Rain chains have been used in Japan for hundreds of years. They are hung from the corners of roofs to guide water gently to the ground. This is often referred to as an open waterflow system. The functionality is often lost to the intrinsic beauty as the rain chain majestically guides the water down. The functionality has been used for for those hundreds of years to catch rainwater and use it for the garden. You can accomplish this by putting a retrieval basin under your rain chain.

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